The District on Bernard is OPEN 10am - 5:30pm on Monday - Saturday.


Kelowna’s finest cigar shop opened Thursday Dec 19, 2019! Owner Chico Dhuga is excited to welcome his new Kelowna patrons!

Cigars from around the entire globe from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras, Europe, and even the Philippines. Specializing in aged cigars from Havana, Cuba. In addition, there will be cigar-related products like humidors, cutters and lighters that are of the highest quality available.

Aside from cigars, they offer Cuban coffee as well as Cuban shirts and high-end fedoras from the United States. Wine will also be served in the near future while you browse their wide selection of cigars. The interior of the store will be very inviting not just for the cigar connoisseur, but also for patrons to enjoy a cup of coffee or peruse any of our textile goods for sale.


Unit 26 - 565 Bernard Ave
Kelowna, British Columbia V1Y 6N9

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