The District on Bernard is OPEN 10am - 5:30pm on Monday - Saturday.

Copacabana Brazil Beauty Spa

A blissful escape awaits you at our Salon. You’ll be greeted by welcoming staff, light relaxing music, and a peaceful atmosphere. Our staff will kindly offer you a selection of fresh flavor water, wine, organic tea prior to entering your luxurious experience. Our services have been thoughtfully conceived to allow for your interior and exterior beauty to shine. Let us bring you into a euphoric realm while pampering you.


1 - 565 Bernard Ave
Kelowna, British Columbia V1Y 6N9
UNIT 242000 ft²UNIT 28900 ft² UNIT 26954 ft²UNIT 30 & 311,810 ft²UNIT 27954 ft²UNIT 191,862 ft² UNIT 20531 ft²UNIT 181,220 ft² UNIT 17518 ft²UNIT 15507 ft²UNIT 121,568 ft²UNIT 141,097 ft²UNIT 111,369 ft² KIOSK 01190 ft²UNIT 13807 ft²UNIT 1 & 21,625 ft²UNIT 41,467 ft²UNIT 71,270 ft²UNIT 104,424 ft²